Computer programming and development is our specialty. It’s what we do 8, 12 sometimes 16 hours a day. Our output falls into 2 categories: web application development and Macintosh desktop applications.

Do you have a need for a web application? Not just some generic web site, but an Internet application that actually does something. That's our specialty. Career Cruising currently averages over 3 million page views and 80,000 logins every day, so large scale deployments are no problem. Tell us about your dream application or how you wish the Internet could make your life easier and we'll show you how it can be accomplished.

Previously, our programmers have created applications that have been used by such firms as Home Depot and Hamilton Beach and are still in use today - years after their development.

If you are a Mac user, be sure to check out our Freeware section for a couple of free Mac utilities that we’ve developed. Since you’ve made it this far and are still reading here is a little top secret information: be on the lookout for some exciting news from us regarding a new product that will change the Aviation industry.