The road to becoming Third Coast Software started in the late 90's as electronic EDP (Education Development Plan) programs were just starting to emerge as the preferred method for maintaining these required documents within the state of Michigan. By every measure (innovation, clients, customer service, etc.), Third Coast Software was at the forefront of that development.

Third Coast Software website from years ago
Our website circa 2002

A number of people ask about our Name - Third Coast Software. For those not from the west Michigan area may be unfamiliar with the local slang of referring to the Lake Michigan coast as the "third coast" - assuming that the Atlantic and Pacific coasts would be #1 and #2.

Beyond that, why we chose "Third Coast" depends solely on your opinion of beer. If you like, appreciate, enjoy our favorite post-work beverage, then you'll be happy to know that we named Third Coast Software after Third Coast Beer brewed by the then micro brewery Bell's Brewery.

For our non-beer drinking friends, Third Coast comes from the name of Western Michigan University's literary magazine: Third Coast Review. Two of our employees received a degree of one sort or another from WMU and this seemed like a decent way to pay tribute.