Third Coast Software (TCS) is a development studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founded in 2001, TCS developed Third Coast EDP, the web-based EDP software that revolutionized the way EDPs (Educational Development Plans) are maintained and monitored by schools across Michigan.

In 2003, Third Coast EDP was integrated into a popular career exploration and portfolio management application. Since then, usage has steadily increased to hundreds of thousands of daily users including a number of state-wide licensees. Currently across the United States and Canada, over 7 million students manage their portfolios in this software.

Today, besides continuing to develop and improve existing applications, Third Coast Software specializes in 3 areas:
-Application development
-Privacy and Security in technology
-Digital Audio

Application DevelopmentSecurity & PrivacyDigital Audio

Across all three specialties, we pride ourselves on providing technically sophisticated yet easy-to-use solutions.